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Proven Process – 10 Steps to a Successful Search


Whether you work with us on a contingency or retained basis — to place any position from an Engineer, Sales Manager, CFO, Vice President of Operations, or a field Service Rep— you won’t find another firm that brings our level of professionalism and commitment to every search.

We employ a proven process.


  • We know how important it is to thoroughly understand your business plans and goals to be your external Human Resource Partner.
  • We lay the groundwork from the very beginning for a win/win offer
  • We follow up after the hire to ensure a smooth transition.

To ensure consistent quality, we employ a proven process:

1.  Research and Discovery
We learn about our client’s culture and our candidate’s goals to find the right match for both of you, long term.  We listen and ask the right questions so we can target both of your needs precisely. 


2.  Define Position Requirements and Competencies

We assist in finalizing core position competencies and job descriptions along with thoroughly gaining an understanding your company's hiring processes.


3.  Recruitment Plan
We develop the most effective roadmap to quickly identify and locate appropriate candidates and sources of referrals to contact immediately.


4.  Targeted Recruiting
Our sophisticated database with thousands of Industry contacts, combined with our team's extensive network, gives us access to the industries’ best talent. We continually ask for referrals to find the best of the best potential candidates to fit your needs.  With each and every candidate, we dig deeper than their resume to truly understand their motivations and future goals.  This ensures the best fit for both our clients and candidates.


5.  Candidate Evaluation
We narrow the list of qualified candidates and submit only the top few for your review. Your time is best spent focusing on the personality and fit for your team.


6.   Process Management
We continually communicate with all the candidates and you throughout the process, before and after all interview steps, taking the time to discover what is important to both of you. We gather the right information along the way to make sure we have the right match.


7.   Reference Checking
We dig deep and provide detailed references on the top finalists, available to you upon your request.


8.  The Offer
We work with you to lay the groundwork for a win/win offer throughout our entire process. As a result, our rate of acceptance is truly outstanding.


9.   The Acceptance
After the acceptance, we stay in touch with you and your new hire to support a smooth transition and a successful start with your company.


10.  After the Hire
We continue to be your eyes and ears in the marketplace as your future hiring partner. As one of our valued clients, you will be the first to hear about the best talent available in the marketplace.

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